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PinExt Cliff Mautner Bootcamp

It was last fall when I luckily came across one of the top wedding photographers of all time, Cliff Mautner. There was something about his work that moved me… It moved me in a way that no other photographs had before. There was so much life and emotion in his images, but what really got me is that all of these unforgettable moments were created in such beautiful light.

After spending countless hours researching and learning from Cliff online, there finally came a time when I couldn’t find any more information on him sitting at my computer. In order to dig deeper in that brilliant mind of his, I had to fly to New Jersey and participate in his lighting and skill set bootcamp…. best decision I ever made (well besides marrying my husband and becoming a wedding photographer of course).

I was a little nervous showing up to Cliff’s studio for the meet and greet. I had only been a wedding photographer for a year, but I very quickly realized that that didn’t matter at all. What mattered was that the rest of the students and I were there to take what we already knew to the next level. Cliff was there to help each of us individually, no matter if we were just starting out or if we had already been in the wedding biz for years.

Our days were packed with classroom learning, group discussions and on-location shooting and our stomachs were also packed with some of the best eats I have ever had. I am not sure if Cliff knows more about wedding photography or where to eat while you are in Jersey…. I’d say it’s even.

The two and a half days of hanging out with Cliff and the gang was an experience unlike any other. I made some awesome new friends, who brought so many amazing skills to the workshop and I got to spend a few days with the man who inspires me to push myself and to be the best that I can be.

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